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Dr. Paul Miller Furthers His Study of Sleep Disordered Breathing

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Glen Burnie, MD Sleep Dentist Aims to Save Lives and Marriages 

Glen Burnie, MD: Dr. Paul Miller of Quarterfield Dental Arts is excited to announce that he has began the prestigious Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency provided by the UCLA School of Dentistry. This extensive course spans over five months and offers a comprehensive experience that will equip Dr. Miller with the education he needs to ensure high-quality sleep apnea treatment. 

Having taken the mini-residency eight years prior, Dr. Miller has dedicated himself to staying abreast of the latest in sleep medicine and dental solutions. He believes that by undergoing this program again, he can further his knowledge of sleep disordered breathing and snoring with the latest research and technology, helping him save both lives and marriages. 

As an active member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Paul Miller has received the certification and education necessary to ensure clinical excellence for the Glen Burnie community. He combines his compassion with years of experience and training to provide life-changing sleep apnea treatment. 

Those in the Glen Burnie area who may be suffering from untreated sleep apnea or other sleep-related disorders are advised to contact Dr. Miller and his team. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Miller, please contact Quarterfield Dental Arts at (410) 760-4445 or visit 

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